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Urethane Dow Express 30 meets OEM durability specifications and federal motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS) for the barrier, rollover, and roof crush regulations.

30 min SDAT Safe drive away time:

Industries advanced technology on urethane. There are many types of urethanes in the industry and many with different SDAT and some that can be up to 72 hours. Our company uses the fastest and safest urethane in the industry to have our customers ready to go in 1hour 45 minutes to 2 hours of replacement and installation with the SDAT.


Does your vehicle come with any sensors, cameras, moldings, we provide our customers with the best OEM/aftermarket products available for your vehicle. We ensure that every product required with your replacement is inspected before any installation. We receive our shipment from our distributor every day and perform a quality check. We do this before we remove anything from your vehicle to provide the best quality and experience for our customers. If there are any defects we can reschedule for a quality replacement. We strive for the best quality and customer experience. 

Rust/Corrosion Treatment:

Prime Auto Glass LLC
Prime Auto Glass LLC









It is common and unfortunate once we remove the windshield for a new replacement to see rust underneath due to previously bad installs. Our technicians are trained to scrape, sand, and prime your vehicle to repair it to the best of their ability at no extra charge. Some vehicles may need auto body repair depending on the severity. By doing this we can save your vehicle’s life or at least add some years to it.

Tools & Equipment:

ADAS calibration





We understand that in order to stay striving within your industries you need to stay up to date with all the new amazing technology and ingenuity of that industry.

We love new tools and equipment! The auto glass industry has evolved and the technology integrated with the windshields means we need to be up to date with anything that’s new. ADAS (advanced driver assistant system) is one of many. Requires recalibration after a new windshield is installed. Which means new equipment. Prime Auto Glass has invested in all required tools and equipment to do any recalibration needed. Trained and certified with all the different years, makes, and models with the system integrated into that vehicle.








This tool is unique, it’s Designed with Safety, Efficiency & Versatility In Mind. This tool uses a fiber line for the removal of any auto glass on any vehicle. This allows us to remove your vehicle’s glass with no damage to the frame. Out with the old in with the new. Glass cutting tools like the extractor a saw all type tool but only for auto glass is an old-style removal tool. It is still used to remove older model vehicles it has its pros and cons. But with the WRD BAT, its new technology and engineering allows for an easy and efficient way to remove any glass on any vehicle. We love the tool and its engineering.


Pro Set Setting Tool:

Prime Auto Glass LLC


This tool is unique, it’s designed with Safety, Efficiency & Versatility In Mind. Most auto glass owners/technicians would agree, installing windshields over the years affects your back and shoulders. This tool was made with Precision, allowing the technicians to perfectly install any windshield to almost precise Placement. We love this tool here at Prime Auto Glass and offer the Precision it was made for.


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